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Purple Pods Bundle


KO hits the mark. A punchy, fully roasted beast, our KO coffee is designed to wake you up with its energising, uplifting kick. Perfect to improve focus. 

XO fires you up. A subtle starter and a zingy finisher, our XO coffee creates a moment of comfort while giving you a pep in your step.

BI brings balance. A caf/decaf blend with a kick, our BI coffee is an every day, day-long mood booster – all with half the caffeine.  

Designed for most pod machines (except Nespresso Vertuo®), these pods flow more slowly for maximum flavour.

Wanna know the secret to our coffee? We've invented something called Aromax50™ to protect essential aroma molecules while roasting and packaging it. This keeps the taste at its very best – as you deserve it. 

P.S. It’s a no-brainer that every pack should be recyclable. That’s why we use revolutionary, eco-conscious packing to protect our earth. Click to discover more.

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Coffee should stand up for better

That’s why our beans include Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance, and our packaging is recyclable. But the vision is to do more. As we should.

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We’ve poured all we know into making the best coffee we can – without the BS.


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