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Purple stands up for better

You (and the world) deserve better, so we’re doing better. This is coffee made with a social conscience that’s fair for all. But we know we can always do more – as we should.

More than beans

Coffee should give back the good

From recyclable packaging to reducing our carbon footprint, we’re always looking for ways to help our planet and people for a better tomorrow.

The right thing to do

Trade should be fair

We source beans from sustainable farms around the world and pay our suppliers fairly, helping to support their own community. Just like they help us.

It’s a no-brainer

Every pack should recycle

We use revolutionary, eco-conscious packaging methods to protect our earth. Our whole bean and ground bags are 100% recyclable, and our pods are through Podback, an innovative service with drop-off points nationwide.

Our coffee bag laminate can also be recycled at larger supermarkets, while the bags can be thrown into your food or garden council waste bin.

Goodbye, CO2 emissions

Tomorrow should be carbon-neutral

We’ve created coffee subscriptions and bulk packs of pods (coming soon!) to reduce your deliveries while helping to decrease our carbon footprint.

Making a difference

Futures should be proofed

That’s why we keep reviewing our packaging, processes and supply chains. Have thoughts on how we can be better? We’d love to hear them. Let’s work together and make stuff happen.


Our coffee

  • XO Pods x10

    XO Pods x10

    Notes of_ Dark chocolate, muscovado and summer berries
    Strength_ 8/10
  • KO Coffee Bags x20

    KO Coffee Bags x20

    Notes of_ Dark chocolate, molasses, nuts & a syrupy finish
    Strength_ 9/10