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Why Purple?

We understand the assignment

Coffee should be about taste

Good coffee takes time, the right time, so we don’t over-roast. Plus, you count on us to use the best-ever grade beans, which we’d never burn to mask the quality. You ain’t average, so neither should your brew be.

We have a secret


Here at Purple, we’ve given coffee a glow-up by using a special optimisation process – Aromax50™. This unique step protects essential aroma molecules while roasting and packaging our ground coffee. This helps to make it stay amazing, every way it’s brewed.

We’re in it together

We’re doing more, for you 

You deserve better, so we stand up for better. This means researching what coffee does for your mood (aka the good stuff), pushing the boundaries on flavour – but the BS out – and keeping it fair, for all. As we know you won’t or should accept less. Just call it your Purple era.