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Hi, we're Purple!

We’re on your side

Coffee should be special, for all

You make us stand up for better. So, we’re going against the corporate bean burners to deliver mind-blowing coffee to everyone – without the BS. Made from the same DNA as the award-winning Artisan Coffee Co., we’re all about quality, flavour, sustainability and community. Because we all deserve good things.

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Packed with attitude

Coffee should have personality

Our coffee hits different. Purple’s in-house Flavour Specialist blends each profile perfectly, creating its own unique vibe to match whatever you’re feeling. 

So here’s our 4, packed with more:

KO, a fully roasted beast. Total morning energy.

XO, a subtle starter, a zingy finisher. For that pep in your step

BI, a 50/50 caf/decaf with a full flavour kick. Bringing you balance 24/7.

ZZ, a full-bodied super-chill de-caf. The ultimate way to relax.

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Bean burning ain’t for us

Coffee should do better

We’ve poured all we know into making amazing coffee. How? Because we have the tech (think state-of-the-art roasting), the people (the best in the biz) and use the tastiest beans to do so. 

You think that’s it? Think again. We’re part of something even BIGger: the Beverage Innovation Group. Created by heavyweights in the industry, Purple is part of their mission to create speciality coffee for everyone.

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Our coffee

  • XO Pods x10

    XO Pods x10

    Notes of_ Dark chocolate, muscovado and summer berries
    Strength_ 8/10
  • KO Coffee Bags x20

    KO Coffee Bags x20

    Notes of_ Dark chocolate, molasses, nuts & a syrupy finish
    Strength_ 9/10