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Sustainable Agroforestry 101

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Sustainable Agroforestry 101

We’re doing our bit for the planet, as you and the world deserve better.

Discover the first of many sustainable initiatives at Purple, as we believe coffee should give back the good.

Let's fill you in...


According to data from the Coffee Institute of Costa Rica (ICAFE), coffee regions could lose up to 35% of production due to climate change, and numbers are likely to increase in the future... So, step forward, sustainable agroforestry! 


So, what's sustainable agroforestry?



Sustainable agroforestry is a farming practice that combines the cultivation of trees with crops or livestock. It's a way to grow food while promoting biodiversity, improving soil health, and combating climate change.



And what are we doing about it?



We're part of an initiative to help farmers in coffee-farming areas of Costa Rica, training them to develop coffee varieties and agroforestry trees. We'll provide them with technical information using a learning-by-doing method and give training on how to set up 'coffee nurseries' for personal and business use.


But, what's the end goal?



This initiative has a projection of carbon sequestration (aka decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere) in 10 years, according to studies from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  


Farmers will also get additional income through practising sustainable agroforestry, helping to support the local Costa Rican community. 


Amazing - how do I get involved? 


Just shop. It's that simple. We'll donate directly to the Costa Rica agroforestry initiative, providing direct support with agroforestry trees for 20 coffee farming families.



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